‘DelBoy I.’ at the Cockney Museum

Last week, I finally visited the Cockney Museum, which had been closed for refurbishment over the winter. It’s just outside Southwest London in Stoneleigh, on the trainline from Waterloo to Dorking. George Major, the Pearly King of Peckham, opened it in 2020, after collecting exhibits for his dream of a Cockney museum all his life.Continue reading “‘DelBoy I.’ at the Cockney Museum”

‘I don’t need to pay to go to Nigeria, I just go to Peckham’

Another great interview I did was with Mariana and Nieves, who, like Andy and Eileen, live on the Cressingham Gardens estate in Tulse Hill. Mariana moved to Brixton from Nigeria when she was 18, and Nieves, now a pensioner, is originally from Manila in the Philippines. The two are neighbours and friends and Mariana helpsContinue reading “‘I don’t need to pay to go to Nigeria, I just go to Peckham’”

A London accent versus ‘lazy speech’

Like Andy, Eileen has been a resident of Cressingham Gardens in Tulse Hill for many years. She grew up in Camberwell and has always lived in Southeast London. Eileen draws a clear distinction between an accent, such as her ‘South London’ one, and what she calls ‘lazy speech’: ‘A lot of people would say thatContinue reading “A London accent versus ‘lazy speech’”