Three months of fieldwork: an overview

Three months ago, at the beginning of November 2021, I started with this fieldwork. Even though I have yet to write up quite a few blog articles about my amazing interview partners, I thought it might be interesting to publish some interim statistics.

So far, I have interviewed 34 Londoners, exactly 17 women and 17 men (no non-binary informants in my sample as yet) within the age range of 18 to 85. The map below indicates their geographical location by rough cardinal points (East London, Southeast London, Southwest London, West London, Northwest London, North London, and Essex) and based on the informants’ self-reported affiliation.

The lighter hue pins indicate female, the darker hue pins male participants (I interviewed only women from West and Northwest London.) Click here fore a more detailed view.

Most of my informants were actually born in London (25), while nine were born outside of London in Essex, Buckinghamshire, or outside of the UK in Poland, the Philippines, Jamaica, Nigeria, or Bangladesh. The diagram below shows the make-up of the sample by ethnicity (Black 4; Mixed 2; South Asian 4; White 23)

Self-reported ethnicities of my informants

The map below shows more or less roughly the locations where the interviews took place. It is not conclusive as to where people are actually from, but gives some idea of my destinations these past three months. I don’t know how many hours I spent on public transport, but, apart from the Metropolitan line, I think I have travelled on every tube line and with most train providers. In any case, TfL profits greatly from this research.

Interview locations (for more detailed view click the link to the map)
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